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Gallery of Repairs

D&N Contracting called us in to get their new NV ready for work. We installed a ladder rack with roller and a tool shelf.
Thanks Dan and Nancy!
The blades on this mower wouldn't engage anymore. Replaced the PTO cable and adjusted the deck. Gave it a nice pressure washing too.
Thanks Rob and Loretta!
This Titan can tow a lot but the owner couldn't see what was behind him. Upgraded his mirrors to extendable tow mirrors with convex blind spot glass.
Thanks Dan!
This pressure washer wouldn't stay running. Had to replace the carburetor and adjust it. Now its ready to take on the grim.
Thanks Chris and Jennifer!
This chainsaw just wouldn't run. Found a clogged fuel line. Cleared the line, Rebuilt and adjusted the carburetor and now it runs Great!
This mower had a horrible vibration when the blades where turned on. Found an out of balance blade. Balanced the blades, installed a new drive belt and adjusted the deck and it smooth and ready to mow.
Thanks Chris and Jennifer!
Her mechanic told her the noise she was hearing was her motor mount. After our diagnosis we found it to be coming from her Ball Joint which was ready to come apart. A new Control Arm with Ball Joint and she's as quite as can be.
Thanks Doris!
D&N Contracting can't afford to have their vehicles out of service for repairs so we went on location to their Montrose Showroom before they opened and performed a MIL light repair and replaced a sliding door handle. We had the vehicle done before their crew needed to go out on the road.  
Thank you Dan and Nancy!
Nothing I enjoy more then a good electrical problem. This Pontiac Transport's Power Seat didn't work any more. Traced and Isolated a corroded joint connector under the carpet due to an old windshield leak which allowed water to penetrate. Cut back to fresh copper, soldered in a new joint and now Husband and Wife can both drive comfortably.
Thank you Tony and Amy for your repeat business!
2001 Chevy Impala came in for a fan belt and tensioner replacement. During the free Multi Point Inspection it was revealed that the rear brakes were low. We replaced the brakes and rotors and now this one is ready for more miles of worry free driving.
Thanks Danny! 
This 2010 Ford Transit had been sitting a while and was in pretty bad shape.
After an Oil Change, Front and Rear bulb replacement, a new Windshield Washer hose, Drivers door handle repair and an Oil Cooler reseal this truck is ready to start making deliveries again for 5 Star Delivery and 5 Star Karaoke Service.
Thanks Mike and Dana!
Nissan Sentra got a new Front Exhaust Pipe and a Fan Belt Tightening.
Thank you DJ Tony Flash!
2011 Honda Accord gets Brakes all around and an Oil Change.
The riding mower got some new cutting blades with pick up and delivery.
Thanks Rich!
This Town and Country got new front brakes and scheduled maintenance.
Thank You Dana!
Before and After Headlight restoration on a Honda.

2006 Chevy Cobalt got new inner and outer tierods.

Thanks Zaid!

This Toyota 4Runner got an Oil Change and Tune up.
Thanks Ian and Catherine!

TAMR does small engine repair as well.

This generator didn't run and had a broken pull cord. After a new cord, oil change, tune up and carburetor cleaning and adjustment she fires up on the first pull.

Thanks John!

TMAR's First Customer!
This 2011 Kia Sorento received new rear brakes, front control arms, new trailer tires, and a towing wiring harness.
All ready for the camping season ahead!
Thanks Tina!